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  With subglandular placement the implant is placed
OVER the pectoralis muscle, under your breast
tissue. This placement is considered to be less
painful post-surgery as only the skin and fat are cut,
with a quicker recovery.

  If you have little breast tissue pre-surgery this
placement is not recommended as there is more
chance you will feel and see rippling of the implant
with saline implants. This could be avoided with the
new cohesive silicone gel implants.
   If you have mild Ptosis (sag) of your breasts pre-surgery this placement may be recommended.
If you place the implant below the muscle without a lift with sagging breasts there is a risk of the
implant sitting up high with the skin hanging down. However other surgeons think that placing the
implant above the muscle could lead to move sagging in the future. It is said that this placement
can interfere with the ability to perform a mammography as it prevents complete imaging of the
breast tissue. It is also widely reported that there is a higher risk of capsular contracture with
subglandular placement, but some surgeons disagree with this.