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  With submuscular placement the implant is
usually placed partially UNDER the pectoralis
muscle. (2/3's of the implant is behind the muscle,
the lower 1/3 is not)*. This placement is considered
to be more painful post-surgery as the skin, fat and
muscle are cut and the muscle is stretched, with a
slightly longer recovery.

  If you have little breast tissue pre-surgery this
placement is definitely recommended as there is
less chance you will feel and see rippling of the
implant with saline implants. (However the bottom
1/3 is not covered by the muscle).
  Post-surgery it does take a little longer for the implant to drop and settle than with over the
muscle placement, so often the first few months the implant placement can look quite high.

  If you have Ptosis (sag) of your breasts pre-surgery this placement may have to be performed
with a lift to avoid the implant sitting high and the skin lower.

  This placement makes performing a mammography easier, as the implant is separated from
the breast tissue by the muscle. Many surgeons consider this placement to lessen the risk of
capsular contracture, others disagree.

*This technique can sometimes be referred to as 'partial' unders and seems to be the most
common technique performed here in Canada. Some surgeons perform 'complete' unders
where the implant is also covered at the bottom by the serratus anterior muscle and anterior
rectus abdominus fascia. There are various opinions on this placement depending on which
surgeon you talk to....some say this placement invlolves "unnatural" dissection of the breast and
the implant sits too high. Others use this technique and think it provides better support.