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Dr. Ray James, Ottawa

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2007 8:24 pm    Post subject: Dr. Ray James, Ottawa Reply with quote

Dr. James was the first PS I met. I had booked a consult with another very popular PS in the region a week following my initial appointment with Dr. James. When I met Dr. James, however, I was so certain he was "it" for me that I never bothered meeting with Plastic Surgeon #2.

Dr. James has this way of making you feel at ease and 100% secure and safe in what you are about to do. I was very honest with him when I walked in - I knew that I appeared younger than what I was and I feared I wouldn't be taken seriously, as it has been the case MANY times when meeting with professionals in general. He, however, made me feel like I was his #1 priority. He listens carefully to what you say, lets you speak, and answers every question. I told him I wanted to walk out of my appointment having an idea what size to go for, and what the risks were, and he made sure I had everything - from detailed explanations, Mentor brochures on prosthesis replacement policies to showing photos of patients with similar pre-BA tissue, etc.

I came into his office thinking I needed about 400cc to achieve a C cup, and he was very patient and informative when he explained that with my frame and height, 400cc would most likely be an overload for me - a lot of PSs out there won't even blink and they'll give you what you ask for, but Dr. James won't go that route. He also had an idea on types of implants, placements, etc, things that he preferred - yet he explained what the cons were, and never hid facts or percentages to get me to agree with him.

I was able to get in touch with Dr. James for a phone consult without any wait - and then, after the surgery (which went just smoothly!!!) I got in touch with Dr. James around 8pm two nights through his pager and got a quick call-back, he's always been patient and gentle no matter what.

Before the surgery, he squeezed my foot as a "good luck" - I'll always remember this. Did I mention he has nice bedside manners? I think I'd feel more creeped out walking around topless in my home than showing him my breasts!

Recommendations for him so far were very short... so I thought I'd go into detail and explain why I liked him, or, erm, ADORED him.

I'm about 18 days post-op and recovering wonderfully. Both post-op appointments went well and I am progressing as I should. My size is JUST right. I couldn't have asked for more - I am thrilled with my experience and the outcome. Had I known getting a BA would be anything like this, I would've done it YEARS ago.

PM me with ANY question regarding Dr. James.
His website: www.ottawacosmeticsurgery.ca
Pre-BA: 32A, ribcage @ 27 inches
BA: April 2007, Mentor salines, smooth, mod. profile, 275 o/f to 300cc, crease, submuscular
Post-BA: 32DD

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2007 4:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

To view Dr. James's profile please go to
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