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Dr. Ronald Levine, Toronto

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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 12:23 am    Post subject: Dr. Ronald Levine, Toronto Reply with quote

Nothing But Praises! Very Happy!

Very Happy
After having my child and breastfeeding for 6 mths my breasts had basically become nothing, these flat little hanging titties that I was sooo embarrassed of. I became very unhappy with my size and the way my breast looked all I wanted to do was always keep that area covered. I started to do research on breast enhancements and I came across the pills, which I had tried a few years back because Ive always had small breasts but never kept up with them. So I ordered a pack of pills and tried them for a little over a mth until I just got fed up because I still didnt see any improvement. I researched on Breast implants for about 2 mths before I decided to get consultations done. Dr. Levine was the first doctor I went to because I was able to get an appointment with him within a few days, he was great. He covered everything he thought needed to be covered, let me try on different sized implants to see which looked the best for me and told me which incisions and placement he would do on me, If I agreed to those. I left his office feeling very confident in him however I didnt want to be too hasty so I made a consultation with another doctor. This doctor did not impress me at all, I had to pay 100 dollars for the consultation, his office was very fancy and hightech but wasnt welcoming. I got called in and had to wait sooo long I started thinking about how I should be positioned and how I should look when the doctor walked in Laughing By the time he walked in all the questions I had, were forgotten. He never got personal with me as to why I wanted the surgery, like Dr. Levine. He never asked me what size or incision or even placement I would want to do. All he did was tell me why most females decide to do this procedure, what the risks were like, and what breast implant he thought would be best for me such as saline vs. cohesive gel. I paid 100 dollars for nothing!! He didnt talk about the implant placement, he didnt talk about incisions, he didnt talk about recovery. He did talk about size of implant. He told me HE WILL DECIDE when Im on the operating table whether my implant should be 350cc or 400cc. He didnt even let me try on the implants sizers to see which I would be comfortable with. So that same day I called Dr. Levine and made a 2nd consultation. From the 1st consultation Dr. Levine and I had decided that 350cc would be too much for my body (so I dont know what that other doctor was talking about) and to think I found them both on this site. Anyhow when I went back I was more excited and Dr. Levine again let me put on the implant sizers and this time we got down to business Laughing I paid my deposit and set my date for my surgery - as soon as possible!! I had to wait a little over 2wks!

Surgery day! I got my sister to drop me off and first thing, I met the anesthesiologist and right off I liked him, he told me to put on the backless gown and asked a few questions, also told me what to expect after the surgery and then left me to watch tv. Then I met the nurse, she was great, she took my blood pressure and my temp. and then I seen Dr. Levine and after reviewing everything with me, he took me into the operating room. He then took a photograph of my breast, then drew my breast pocket and told me to lie down and helped me. The anesthesiologist asked me my bday and thats when I found out I had the same bday as the two nurses' kids, so we bonded over that. I got a needle put in my hand and he told me step by step what to expect, even up to when I would knock out. One nurse stayed by my side holding my hand and talking to me until I was knocked out. Then when I work up I heard laughter and the machine beeping, I kept coming in and out so I wasnt sure of anything I heard until the nurse helped me to the washroom to see if I could pee. I couldnt Laughing Then she helped me out of the washroom and back on another bed until my sister came and picked me back up. I was very tired and once I got home all I did was sleep that first day. The next day getting up from laying down was the hardest thing to do, I could barely move my arms at all and I felt really sore and swollen, I stayed in bed most of the second day but got up every couple of hours. Finally that night I decided to try the ice packs..... BEAUTIFUL!!! It helped soo much!!! By the 3rd day I had visitors and I had my ice packs and I even got up and washed dishes and stayed up longer, I was still a little sore but I was able to move around more and do things. By the 5th day I was back to normal, we went to a bbq and I was feeling up and ready to do my normal routines but decided to wait til I get the stitches out. Thats where Im at right now.... I know you are all thinking Im pretty weird to be soo happy with everything when I havent even seen the results but Im feeling great and from what I can see and feel my breasts are looking great! Tomorrow I take out my stitches so I will write another post to keep you updated on my progress.

I would recommend Dr. Levine to anyone and everyone, my experience was great so far and I promise anyone who is looking for a surgeon that going with Dr. Levine will make your experience a great one too!
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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 12:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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