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So far so good!

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:15 am    Post subject: So far so good! Reply with quote

I had my BA with Dr. Levine on June 16. I spent months consulting with a variety of Toronto plastic surgeons. Levine was the last and I ended up wanting to meet with him because I came across a picture of the most beautiful breasts I'd ever seen in my life that he did.

When I met with him he was personable and very honest. He also was very confident and when I showed him the picture of his breasts I loved I asked if he could give me those. He said absolutely! I asked him how and he told me gels (or saline if I really wanted) over the muscle around 375 or 400ccs. He seemed excited and optimistic and off I went.
The one thing that I felt was missing from our consult though were more pics of his work so I asked him when I was leaving if he had some. He told me he doesn't do that but if I wanted to meet with his clients and see their breasts he would make arrangements. Of course I wanted this so I told him yes. As I was leaving his office his secretary Christy called and told me they had two girls in his office that were willing to show me their boobs. I ran back up, they flashed me their chests and I was sold! Levine was with me through all this and had a big smile on his face. I just knew he loved what he did and really was an artist. All the breasts I have seen him "do" are incredible.

I booked my surgery soon after with him but had tons of concerns so I met with him 2 more times before surgery. I was afraid of "going under" so he invited me to the Forest Hill clinic where I met with his anthestisiologist Dr. Kong. He told me what would happen and reassured me I had nothing to worry about. That was my biggest fear in all this and the fact that they took the time to talk to me really made me feel safe.

The morning of my surgery I was distraught with fear. I got to the clinic at 7;30 (BA scheduled for 8:30). Levine wasn't there but Dr. Kong was. He brought me to a nice little room where I felt very comfy. He asked me a few health questions and told me again what would happen to my body. I was shaking like a leaf but his calm aura really helped me stay positive. The nurse came in later and took my blood pressure etc. She was very matter of fact. I kinda wished she was warmer. Forget her name.

The clock was ticking. The only thing I could tell myself to stay on path for the surgery was that this is done ALL the time and that this team were some of the best in this country. The one thing that really helped me was I kept telling myself that "this too shall pass."

Dr. Levine came into my room about 8:15 and said "how are you feeling?"
We confirmed sizes and he said "let's go!" I was trembling but off we went to the operating room. I told him how scared I was and he said "don't worry." He was very calm and made me feel like this was just like getting my hair done.

I sat up on the operating room bed still shaking like crazy. Levine told me to lay back, he drew on my chest and Dr. Kong began putting the IV in. I was almost near tears. I asked a nurse to hold my hand because I was scared and she did. She was an intern I think. That helped me a lot. Then Dr. Kong said "we are going to put this IV in then give you something to calm down and in about 5 minutes you will be asleep." As he put the IV in my hand (really not painful at all from what I recall) and within about 2 minutes I started to feel as CALM as I have ever felt. It was a great feeling to be honest. My BIGGEST fear in the world was really actually nothing. I felt a sense of heaviness over me and serenity like I was sleepy. I did not feel sick or dizzy and the next thing I knew I was awake in recovery with my boobies! I was SO happy and not feeling ill or in pain. All the doctors were bustling around and it was 10:00 am on the clock.
I didn't see Dr. LEvine after that really. He was busy with other patients but Dr. Kong told me everything went perfectly and the nurses guarded me with my life until I was discharged.

This experience was as good as I could of dreamed. Dr. Kong is a hero and Levine was so calm and confident I felt secure. I think I also felt calm because they never made a big deal about anything. It was very reassuring.

The only complaint I have is about the nurse in recovery. She wasn't very friendly. I could of used someone a little sweeter but one nurse did show up eventually and helped me get ready to go home. I got REALLY sick when I stood up but they gave me gravol in my IV. I went home, stayed in bed ALL day very nauseaus but didn't even take a pain med until the next day.

The day after surgery LEvine called me at home to see how I was doing. I loved that!

I saw Dr. LEvine 2 days later. He took a look and said "everything is perfect...no complications."

From the start, I got a great vibe from Dr. Levine. He is very busy with girls coming in and out of his office constantly BUT he gives you whatever time you need and he will give you beautiful breasts. I like that he told me to go with 400ccs vs. 375 too because now I kinda wish I went bigger. He promised me throughout this process that 400ccs would be perfect and NOT to big or porno like.

His honestly and confidence and the fact that he is SO personable made me very happy and believe me I am a harsh judge with a lot of questions! I probably emailed and called his office a million times throughout this and he never changed his attitude.

I highly recommend Levine if you want beautiful breasts and a professional experience. He is also cheaper than any other doc I consulted with. I met with Dr. Edelstein, Dr. Mitch Brown and Dr. Lista.

Dr. Levine sure knows what he is doing!

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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