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Dr. Bowman is incredible

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, 2013 4:54 pm    Post subject: Dr. Bowman is incredible Reply with quote

I had under-developed and hypoplastic constricted breasts. My breasts caused me so much grief, sadness, and personal embarrassment throughout my pubescent years, my young womanhood, and eventually into my adult life. They looked like they had started developing, but then stopped right around the time I hit puberty when they came to an abrupt stop.

To say I "hated" my breasts was an understatement. I had two consultations with a plastic surgeon during these years but always backed out due to cost and a fear of liquid silicone at that time. I went through hormone replacement therapy meant for menopausal woman where I was perscribed the highest dose of estrogen before it would become a cancer risk and that, too, never did anything. The size of my breasts were probably an AA if there is a size like that and they had no breast fat/tissue.

In 2009, at 32-years old, I met Dr. Bowman. By this time, implants had come a long way from the saline or liquid silicone options that were available 12 years earier. They also had so many more shape options that complement each unique person.

My procedure was "breast reconstruction," although probably closer to "breast construction" as I didn't really have any breasts to begin with. The proceedure was essentially the same, though, as I was first implanted with tissue expanders. The reason for this was because I had no breast tissue or fold. So, there was no "pocket" to drop the implants into; we had to create one.

I had the expanders in for about seven or eight months if memory serves me correctly. After this time, my tissue had expanded enough so as to allow for the implants to sit nicely into my chest without running the risk of them sitting too high, or too tighly under my skin which would affect the more natural breast look we were going for.

We expanded them to an E size, but once the actual implants were inserted my chest was a D. We talked long and hard about which size worked well with me and I remember Dr. Bowman being very thoughtful and considerate when he took my body shape and size into consideration as well. He wasn't just going to let me choose my size without us talking about how proportionate they would look once the surgery was complete. He was also very attentive to me when I described the size and look I wanted to have. I remember him pulling out this glass chest of all shapes and sizes of implants and placing them on the outside of my body, or in my bra, just to get a real sense of what things would look like.

Come my 2nd surgery date (the actual implants) I had never been more excited for anything in my entire life up to that point. I was informed, knew all the risks, the pros/cons, had a very good idea of what things would look and feel like. Any time I had a question or a concern, I was accommodated immediately. Dr. Bowman and his staff would not give me a chance to be uncertain about anything. Whether it was a phone call, email, or actually going there in person, they always made time for me. It was obvious that my comfort was as important to them as the surgery itself.

I've had my dual plane, cohesive gel implants since 2010 January and they changed my life. Dr. Bowman changed my life. The best way I describe the change to people is by remarking that my mind now matches my body. I don't look like a 14 year old girl trapped in a woman's body anymore. I feel feminine. It was a lot of tears, sadness, hopelessness, embarrassment, and why me?ing leading up to this point in my life and although I wish I never endured those kinds of feelings toward my body and my physical appearance, the wait was worth it in the end.

If I think of how I exhausted myself trying to look "normal:" Buying cleavage enhancing bras just so my breasts looked round under shirts, even though inside the cups was virtually empty. Having to "disclaim" my breasts first before every new relationship transitioned into a sexual one; having to keep my bedroom freezing cold in the winter because my skin would constrict and my breasts would look more "normal." Figuring out every possible position my naked body could be in to look "pretty" or sexy, and avoiding all the positions that would reveal how strange they were. So much work, so much energy, so much angst.

I used to rush by mirrors in change rooms or even in my own bathroom when getting out of the shower lest I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Now, I towel off, moisturize, and get dressed in front of one. It's not out of conceit but out of appreciation for the road I took to get to this point. They still make me emotional sometimes, ha.

Dr. Bowman is a true artist, in my opinion. He's like a sculptor of the human form and understands the intricasies of each and every body and the stories behind his patients.

He also clearly took careful measures when hiring the people who he works with because they, too, deserve mention. I was in contact mainly with Mitzi, his office assitant; John, his office manager; and Alison, his clinical assistant and skin care specialist and I have nothing but amazing things to say about them, too. Over time, and with enough incessant contacting from me (haha), they started to feel like old friends rather than just people who work at a medical office. To me, this is just as important as having a great relationship with your surgeon.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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